Who are you?

My name is Annette, I'm an '83 vintage from Templin, which is a picturesque little spot in Eastern Germany.

Why the pseudonym Nettsch?

That's the nickname my Saxon friends gave me (they often add SCH to names to express sympathy). Moreover, 'nett' is the German word for 'nice'.

What were you trained for?

After school, I learned a profession that didn't fit me. One day I found myself a first-class training course to become a media designer (for digital art and print), did it and passed. This brought me to Leipzig/Germany. I currently live in Berlin and Leipzig.

Did you always want to become an artist?

Drawing has been a part of me and of what I wanted to be right from the beginning. At the age of six, I used to wait patiently in front of the TV for the cartoons to appear, which inspired me to draw. These tranquil moments of patience - I'm not exactly like this anymore :) My brother drew comics, and I was fascinated by him doing it, full of passion and reverence.

Where do you find inspiration?

Little everyday scenes, seemingly insignificant, with their impulsiveness, the people around them, nature, pop culture, the fashion world, music, embarrassing moments, and imperfections. I always have a little sketch book on me, full of ideas. And loads of websites and blogs are bookmarked on my laptop, which I shuffle through, when I need inspiration.